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FBCTP General Meeting Recap - BerryHill's 01/20/11 Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Ives   
Thursday, 27 January 2011 12:40

6:30  James Ives- President, Welcome and calls meeting to order
6:30  Kathryn Farris- Patriot, a quick good submaritan story of Ed Farris, leads Invocation
6:35  All- the American Pledge of Alligance
6:36  Opening Remarks

6:38  James Ives- "Citizens & activism is who we are." Its is a great time to be an American! James discusses the roundtable with Congressman Pete Olson and the 5 "hot topic" from our members. The recent State Capitol trip and our meeting with Representative Ken Paxton. We are awaiting a statement from Rep.Charlie Howard about the much heated Texasspeaker race.    "The Liberty Movement is working & our views are being taken seriously".The FBCTP we will address our elected officials as "Public Servants".

6:50  Allen Murrell-Board Member, updates on the FBISD issues and the importance of the community involvement in local politics. "To better the World". The ISupportFBISD project is bringing together local groups as a coalition and its main goal is to get the local school board to have "accountability and fiscal respondsibility". The debt is out of control, SAT scores are flat, local college attendance is on the rise. We must continue to attend the school board meetings. In addition, we need to be extra careful and aware of our surroundings due to a rise in crime.

7:00  Carla Abramczyk-Head WatchDawg, hits the following topics: The Arizona Memorial service and media bias, EPA regulations, card check/unions, GM is spending $540 million on "green engines" in Mexico. Texas border, the RHINO "lunch bunch", protected lands that we can not touch, drilling bans & no renewals of leases, FCC and Gov. "passwords" has passed phase 1, but Marsha Blackburn of Tenn. is fighting back! The recent Comcast & NBC merger, which may lose many customers. More updates can be found on our website.

7:25  James Ives, Recent meetings with the Fort Bend Sherriff alumni association and community outreach. Ways that everyone can help in our Mission." We are Americans first, we have ignored the problems way too long".

7:45  Melissa Ives- Secretary, annoucements, Deputy JD Norsworthy benefit and upcoming events. Our record website numbers!!!

7:50  Open Floor and Q & A
8:15  James Ives, made a motion to call the meeting to a close. The motion passed after a vote.

Minutes submitted by Melissa Ives, FBCTP Secretary




+1 #1 Lenny Pincus 2013-03-19 15:08
James Ives, noted fascist, appears to be your esteemed leader. "We are Americans first." Uh-huh.

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